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Double Fisherman Knot (of many uses)

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

This is a great knot to secure the end of a line to another line if you don't need to untie it. One of my favorite uses is for securing the handline to the top of an arbor. It is more secure than a bowline and takes up less space. It sucks up a lot of slack when you first tighten it up. After that it is set and does not need any real minding.

This is how to tie it around a fixed pin such as the top of an arbor. Start by taking the end through whatever you are going to tie it to. Then start wrapping up the standing part of the rope.

Next continue around the standing part on the outside of what you have already wrapped. Once you have that complete you take the end of the rope back up through the whole set of wraps.

It looks a little unruly when you get that rope through the knot. Tighten carefully and make sure to leave at least 8" of tail. It will suck a lot of that back into the knot when you first tighten it.

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